Monday, 1 November 2010

…the gentle fall of snow…a man falling from the World Trade Centre…the fall of the Berlin Wall…falling in love…falling over…fallen from grace…

Performance makers Kate Ashman and Sylvia Rimat set out to explore the intertwined connections of falling on a literal, political, personal and very real physical level. (Re)creating and engaging with environments of falls, they search to understand and learn from the moment of transition, the sense of timelessness and the loss of control.
Falling follows a narrative of letting go, either intentionally or by force/accident, generating a period of loss of control, a time of transition, during which anything can happen and something inevitably does. There is a sense of timelessness in falling, for both faller and witnessing observer, a hyper-sensory awareness, a not knowing, a sense of risk and exhilaration. In performance, audience also ‘let go’ and move into a time of not knowing. The exploration of falling focuses on elements which relate to ‘presence’ in performance. Through identification and exploration of these elements, ‘…falling for you’ sets out to investigate and play with the audience/performer relationship and the presence and potential impact of each individual within performative space.

...falling for you has been supported by Arnolfini Bristol. A work-in-progress performance was presented at Mayfest 2010 in Bristol. The project has been invited for a residency from Nov 2010 - March 2011, with Beaford Arts, England's longest-established rural arts organisation, based in Devon. The performance will be developed further over the course of 2011.